Rehearsals Process

Tsunami Project proposes to innovate in the company’s artistic production methods – linked in recent years to European dramaturgy and the notion of re-writing rescuing from our own historicity as a theatre company, some materials that can be translated into a new artistic product. In relation to the above, The Tsunami project that La Puerta articulates is understood as a tsunami regarding our own work in the field of performing arts, located in the Chile of today. We are moved by the following questions: What can art say at this time, considering ongoing social processes? How can our work be projected, from the career of La Puerta theatre company on the eve of its 30 years of life, to generate a meaningful bond with the audiences, based on a conversation between performing arts and life?


Matucana 100 discussion: The Cycle of a Theatrical Career

This 2020, La Puerta Theatre Company turns 30, for that reason Tsunami project is born to address the career of the company, reflect on sustainability and share with the audience the work methodology used in the research process.


Work session with María de la Luz Hurtado(Researcher), April 2020, we reviewed the evolution, value and meaning of what a theatre company is in Chile.

Work session with Sergio Rojas (Philosopher), April 2020

We talked about the notion of history and memory in Chile, and what it means to celebrate 30 years as a theatre company in this country.


Session with special guests from La Puerta (first decade), May 2020

Conversation with some members who belonged to La Puerta during the first decade of the company(90’s-2000) Actors (Francisco Melo,Rodrigo Gonzalez), Actresses (Roxana Naranjo, Paula Silva), Designers (Mónica Navarro) and Horacio Videla as a spectator and witness of the company’s work all these years.